Director’s Report: Patriots Push Back

On the heels of a show of force shutting down a DHHS vaccine registry rules change hearing, about 600 NH patriots showed up at the NH House leadership press conference today in Concord. This incredible crowd made it known that We the People demand ACTION to protect us from illegal federal mandates. Watch the report … Read more

Director’s Report: The Senate Disappoints

RebuildNH Executive Director Melissa Blasek updates supporters on legislative action in the NH Senate – State of Emergency reform is stripped from the budget plus more concerning votes.

Director’s Report: Vaccine amendment STRENGTHENED

RebuildNH Executive Director Melissa Blasek updates us on a new amendment to SB155 that STRENGTHENS medical freedom – no vaccine passports, vaccine registry changes to opt-in (rather than the current opt-out), and reining in the DHHS commissioner’s authority.

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