Ban Social Credit Scores

I apologize for the last minute notice, but these bills snuck past me, even though our own treasurer, JR Hoell, co-sponsored HB 225. While both of these bills tackle the same issue, I personally feel that HB 225 is likely a better solution. 

Wednesday, February 1st, N.H. House
LOB, Room 302-304
 ⭐ 1:45 p.m. – SUPPORT – HB 225, relative to prohibiting the use of currency that could be detrimental to privacy rights. The bill seeks to ban a central bank digital currency from being used in New Hampshire as well as prohibiting any currency from being connected to a social credit score. We are seeing a globalist push to push ESG scores, which stands for “environmental, social, and governance” and have seen proof of this put into action last year during the trucker protests in Canada when protesters and their supporters bank accounts were frozen. This bill would prohibit these types of actions.
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LOB, Room 302-304 ⭐ 2:15 p.m. – SUPPORT – HB 227, relative to fair access to financial services. This bill seeks to ban banks and financial institutions from discrimination. It is similar to HB 225, but applies more to financial institutions, whereas HB 225 is specific to currency itself and the actions of the state of New Hampshire.
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