Ban School-Hour Vaccine Clinics

The info for the most important bill this week is below. Please take action!

Tuesday February 7th, N.H. House
LOB, Room 205-207
 ⭐ 1:45 p.m. – SUPPORT – HB 539, relative to vaccination clinics at schools. The bill would ban vaccination clinics occurring during school hours in public schools. There have been multiple reports of children receiving vaccines during school hours without parental approval in NH and this important bill would prevent further possibility of these oversights. If you have ever kept your child home from school on vaccine clinic days for fear of this possibility, please email the committee about this experience. This is the education committee, not HHS, so they will be particularly interested in knowing that your child’s education was disrupted. Learn more about this bill here.
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A note about the portal to register disposition:
The most important thing is to EMAIL your testimony. You may also include it in the portal for official records, but many legislators do not look at this portal. They all look at their email. The idea is to influence them, so please email at a minimum.

Many people are having issues using this portal. Legislative tech support is aware but hasn’t been able to replicate the issues. Again, the most important thing is to email the committee.

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