Addendum Legislative Update Week of March 18th, 2024

Thursday, March 21st, N.H. House SESSION

This bill allows any patient who was under 21 years old at the time of treatment and hurt by gender transition surgeries or drugs to be able to sue for damages for 20 years or at any time for infertility.

The medical establishment and Big Pharma are deceiving unsuspecting families about these experimental treatments, and it is important we give legal recourse to victims.
Find your representative HERE.

HB1156 went a bit sideways on the House floor last week. The committee amendment that RebuildNH supported unexpectedly failed on the floor. Ultimately, the “ought to pass” motion failed as well, and it was narrowly tabled. Because it was tabled, we have a second shot at this. It is possible, when numbers are good in the room, to remove it from the table and pass it in the next month or so.

Every Democrat opposed this bill, plus the following Republicans:
David Bickford: 603.285.1356
John Hunt: 603.345.1129
James Mason
Valerie McDonnell

David Nagel
Daniel Popovici-Muller
Dan Wolf: 603.763.5176

Talking points:

  • The amendments to the International Health Regulations amendments WILL pass in May. This requires no act of Congress to take effect and is binding.
  • The current presidential administration supports these measures and will enforce them.
  • The measures include WHO surveillance systems, infringements on first amendment speech, required data collection, and control over travel restrictions, border closures, quarantine, and medical procedures of individuals.
  • This is a complete abdication of national sovereignty, and this bill is New Hampshire’s only defense. 
  • Nothing in this bill prohibits the state and its localities from implementing any public health policy they want; they simply must show scientific justification and cannot simply point to the WHO as justification alone.

If the representative wants more information, please point them here. If they are concerned that the committee amendment did not pass and without the committee amendment the CDC is included, please remind them that the CDC has no legal authority to mandate anything so it was redundant, although should the bill be removed from the table, they will attempt to amendment it again.

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