ACTION NEEDED: House plans marathon session to vote on most of our bills, Senate needs some attention

Download the House Legislative Cheat Sheet.

OTP = Ought to Pass
OTP-A  = Ought to Pass with Amendment
ITL = Inexpedient to Legislate (If “Yea” wins, bill is killed)
Interim Study = A polite way to kill a bill.

TOP Bills Up for a Vote in the House This Week

Take action by contacting your representatives on these House bills up for vote this week:

⭐ SUPPORT OTP-A – HB 1131, relative to facial covering policies for schools.This bill prohibits public schools from creating policies that force students or members of the public to wear masks.

 SUPPORT OTPHB 1241, prohibiting a school district from mandating a COVID-19 vaccination for school attendance. This bill’s title says it all, and it’s a good idea.

 SUPPORT OTP-A: HB 1022, permitting pharmacists to dispense the drug ivermectin by means of a standing order. This would make ivermectin over-the-counter medicine in New Hampshire.

⭐ SUPPORT OPT: HB 1455, relative to state enforcement of federal vaccination mandates. This is the Speaker of the House’s bill to prohibit state officials from enforcing federal COVID-19 mandates.

⭐ SUPPORT ITL: HB 1481, repealing the statute relative to medical freedom in immunizations. Here’s another from Progressive Rep. Tim Horrigan, who apparently thinks the government ought to be able to force you to take a vaccine. On efforts like this, it’s not just the bill that needs to be defeated; we need to take special note of the sponsors and make sure they lose the power of elected office come next election. In America, we don’t force people to inject untested liquids into themselves.

⭐ SUPPORT OTP: HB 1425, relative to the taking of real property by eminent domain. This bill would require the government to compensate a private property owner for any property taken during a state of emergency for public purposes, and it would provide other protections so eminent domain cannot be abused.

 SUPPORT OTP-A: HB 1210, relative to exemptions from vaccine mandates. Originally, the bill would have created a broad religious, conscientious or medical exemption to vaccine mandates. With the amendment, the bill now only allows for a simple, streamlined exemption process (still medical, religious, and conscience) for businesses that receive any money from the state or federal government.

Please contact the following representatives who will need your pressure to support our positions:

Focus your efforts on these Republican representatives who have not been supporting our efforts.

Acton, 603.496.6852 
Allard, 603.435.5169 
Boyd, BillBill.Boyd@leg.state.nh.us603.660.6077 
Deshaies, 603.387.4210 
Dolan, 603.434.5461 
Graham, 603.472.4637 
Griffin, 603.497.8286 
Harb, 603.382.8067 
Infantine, 603.622.3325 
Lynn, Bobrjlynn4@gmail.com603.598.1899 
MacDonald, 603.387.5255 
Major, Normannorman.major@leg.state.nh.us603.382.5429 
McKinney, 603.432.5232 
Merner, Troymerner08@aol.com603.788.3048 
Milz, 603.437.0030
Pearson, Markcanonpearson@yahoo.com603.571.0205 
Rouillard, 603.494.6144 
Sytek, 603.893.8889 
Testerman, 603.320.9524 
Theberge, Robertrolath@hotmail.com603.915.0187 
Vandescasteele, 603.401.8065 
Wolf, 603.763.5176 

And email your own representatives by finding them on the NH House website.

Bills Up for a Vote in the Senate This Week

 REMOVE FROM CONSENT, OPPOSE OTP, SUPPORT ITL: SB 382, relative to licensure requirements for telehealth services. Apparently Senators have been convinced by their lobbyists to support this bill, and that is a serious problem. They need to listen to YOU and kill this bill! This bill is EVIL! This bill would prohibit telemedicine from any practitioner not licensed in New Hampshire, which would cut-off effective COVID treatments from people who have been receiving them from out-of-state telemedicine doctors. The N.H. Legislature does not have the authority to regulated interstate commerce, because this power is delegated to the U.S. Congress in the U.S. Constitution, and thus we believe this bill is unconstitutional! This bill needs to die.

 OPPOSE INTERIM STUDY, SUPPORT OTPSB 374, relative to the SARS-CoV-2 vaccinations. Three cheers to the Senators who crafted this legislation; this one gets it right! This Senate bill would prohibit vaccine mandates, and it would do so quite effectively. Let’s give the Senate some love and encourage them to support this effort! We need to let them know we care. Please convince Senators that this bill needs to pass into law!

Other RebuildNH Bills Up for a Vote in the House This Week

If you have the time, please also contact the representatives listed above about these RebuildNH positions:

⭐ SUPPORT OTP, SUPPORT FLOOR AMENDMENT: HB 1280, prohibiting a parent’s refusal to vaccinate a child pursuant to an order of the state or federal government to be used as a basis for terminating parental rights. Support OTP. Support floor amendment.

⭐ SUPPORT OTP-A: HB 1431establishing the parental bill of rights. With masking at schools against parents wishes, the overactivity of DHHS, recently in the case of JR Hoell, and other state encroachment into parental rights in other examples too numerous to cite, it is high time that the People’s Legislature create legal barriers to this state encroachment.

⭐ SUPPORT ITL: HB 1332, excepting public universities and colleges from requirements under medical freedom in immunizations. This bill does the opposite of HB 1233 and essentially allows colleges, universities and the like to discriminate against students who practice medical freedom. Let it die

⛔ OPPOSE ITLHB 1044, relative to policies required for health facilities and special health care service licenses. This is a really important bill and the committee’s recommendation needs to be overturned on the floor. This bill amazingly would carve out an exemption allowing business ventures to create hospitals and other medical facilities that only accept direct payment, which would exempt them from federal COVID regulations and other potential federal overreach.

⭐ SUPPORT TABLE: HB 1347, relative to licensing requirements for health care facilities that operate on a membership-based business model. This bill allows the existence of nursing homes and rehabilitation centers that accept direct payment and exempts them from a requirement to accept insurance and be subject to CMS mandates. This lifts a financial burden for new and existing facilities. This bill fosters competition and innovation in the nursing and rehabilitation facility market and frees it from federal mandates. We’re tabling the bill because it still needs work.

OPPOSE OTP-A:  HB 1369, relative to COVID-19 health and safety policies at New Hampshire performing arts venues. This bill allows performing arts centers to create their own COVID protocols. We believe the state’s law prohibiting isolated COVID protocols at government facilities should also apply to quasi-government entities. Kill this bill!

⭐ SUPPORT OTP-AHB 1439, relative to hospital visitation policies. This bill allows, with limited exception, a patient to designate a parent, spouse, family member, or other caregiver to be present while the patient receives hospital care. We believe the exceptions should be eliminated from this bill, and would urge you to ask the committee for an amendment to remove them. With the exceptions, hospitals have enough wiggle room to get out of honoring the Legislative intent.

⭐ SUPPORT OTP-A: HB 1495, relative to vaccine mandates for government contractors. This bill as amended prohibits the state and all the political subdivisions from mandating vaccines for any private business. The purpose of this bill is to prevent us from ever having a NYC style passport system.

 SUPPORT OTPHB 1490, relative to equal access to places of public accommodation regardless of vaccination status. This bill would give a person’s “vaccination status” or masking choice a protected status in the state’s civil rights law.

⭐ SUPPORT OTP-AHB 1268, limiting the authority for city council bylaws and ordinances. This bill changes the enabling statute that allows cities and towns to pass “any” ordinance to only allow cities and towns to pass those bylaws and ordinances that the Legislature has empowered them to make. This law is the way New Hampshire has always operated until the pandemic, when various cities and towns abused their authority and passed several unlawful public health laws; for example, ordinances that forced citizens to wear masks. Citizens should not have to consult a law book when they cross town lines, and this bill would ensure they are protected by uniform laws across the state.

⛔ OPPOSE OTP-A, SUPPORT ITL: HB 1409, relative to the age at which a minor may receive mental health treatment without parental consent. This bill is another example of wedging government between parents and their children. This bill would lower the age a child may consent to mental health services without parental consent to 16 years old.

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