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Petition to Ban Masks on NH Children


We, the People of New Hampshire, Demand NO MASKS ON STUDENTS


To Speaker Sherman Packard and Senate President Chuck Morse:

Whereas, we the undersigned support the idea of individual liberty, which aligns with our state and federal constitutions, which protect the idea that all people are created equal and are afforded equal rights, which government is instituted to protect,

Whereas, we the undersigned do not believe that the government of the State of New Hampshire or any of its political subdivisions have shown sufficient evidence to support facial covering mandates as an effective viral mitigation effort,

Whereas, we the undersigned know that only one child under the age of 19 years old has died in the State of New Hampshire from COVID-19 and they are at no statistical risk of COVID-19,

Whereas, we the undersigned believe there is sufficient data to conclude that children are not significant vectors of transmission of COVID-19,

Whereas, we the undersigned know that because children are not at risk of COVID-19, that any risk from facial covering wearing is therefore more significant than COVID-19,

Therefore, we the undersigned hereby ask that Speaker Packard and Senate President Morse pass legislation to ban facial covering mandates for students in all public schools in New Hampshire.

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