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Unmask Gilford Kids Petition

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UNMASK Gilford School Children!

Remind the Gilford School Board and Superintendent Beitler that they work for US and that WE parents want the option to choose to mask or unmask our children during school hours. 

To the SAU 73 School Board:

Whereas, we the undersigned, understand that multiple research reports dating back to June 2020 have demonstrated that children are not affected statistically by COVID-19. They rarely contract the disease,  rarely get severely ill if they do,  and rarely pass the disease to others.

Whereas, we believe that requiring our children to wear face coverings all day in the classroom has negative health effects on children including decreased oxygen intake, decreased carbon dioxide elimination, and increased introduction of viruses and bacteria into the lungs, in addition to severe negative social and mental trauma that may affect our children for decades.

Whereas, we understand that decades of peer-reviewed science demonstrates that masks don’t work and have never worked to prevent the spread of a respiratory virus. 

Whereas, we understand that other countries and states who did not close schools and force masking upon children have had no worse outcomes by any measurable statistics than areas that forced draconian health measures.

Therefore, we the undersigned hereby DEMAND the SAU73 School Board end the anti-science child masking policies in all Gilford school facilities.
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