TAKE ACTION: Secretary of State election

On Dec. 7, the House of Representatives will be electing a Secretary of State. NH has a long standing tradition of non-partisan Secretary of States. We feel our current SOS, David Scanlan, has continued the tradition of fair, non-partisan service after taking over for long time SOS, Bill Gardner. After a failed state senate bid, Melanie Levesque is challenging David Scanlan.

Why is this important? New Hampshire Journal elaborates:.

“Former state Sen. Melanie Levesque (D-Brookline) has announced her plan to challenge current Secretary of State David Scanlan for the job. Levesque has served in the legislature and built a record as an aggressive partisan who embraced policies from her party’s progressive wing. Her Wikipedia page listed her as a “senior advisor” to the New Hampshire Democratic Party until NHJournal reported her status earlier this month. Her Wikipedia page has since been changed.

“And Levesque is a local representative of a far-left national organization that promotes online voter registration, no-ID voting, and unlimited mail-in ballots.”

Here’s the radical leftist view of this situation – he knows that Levesque is a liberal activist. The role of the SOS is to faithfully execute the laws, not to advocate for policy changes. Use the form on this page to contact your legislators – ask them to support Scanlan for SOS.

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