TAKE ACTION: Oppose DHHS’s power grab on religious exemption forms

Here’s a shocker: DHHS oversteps statutory authority…again. There is a JLCAR meeting on September 15th during which DHHS is bringing a proposed interim rule regarding school vaccination religious exemptions.

HB1035 removed the requirement for a notary signature for school vaccination religious exemptions. In retaliation, DHHS is making a power grab by proposing new rules that require parents to give private health information and self-incriminate. They have no statutory authority to require this. They also have no statutory authority to require DHHS’ form be the only valid form as the statute does not say that, but that’s what their interim proposed rule does. In fact, there is no statutory authority for DHHS to even create a form!

DHHS put a new form recently on their website and were told to take it down by members of the Joint Legislative Committee on Administrative Rules (JLCAR) because they changed the form without even going for legislative approval. They agreed to comply yet the illegal form is still on the website today.

Please take action to email all members of JLCAR and ask them to reject this proposed interim rule by DHHS.

The link to the proposed rule and form can be found here, scroll about 2/3 down the page and look at He-P 301.13(e) and He-P 307.07 “Immunization Registry Rules.” Direct link to the proposed interim rule is here.

If DHHS bureaucrats wish to rewrite laws then perhaps they should run for public office and be duly elected by The People. This is a giant middle finger to our legislative process. Say NO to shadow government shenanigans.

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