The governor’s Covid-19 fear-mongering has caused hopelessness

To Whom it may Concern,

I’m going to try to make my long story short. Before I moved here, where I am now, I was on Bond Street in Claremont. While there, my dad died there in my living room, and then in 2017 my fianc√© of 13 years died in the same room from cancer, and about 6 months after, my 16-year old cat died all in the same room.

I have been an empath, intuitive, introvert all my life.

Back before my dad died, I decided to try my own painting business, as I have been painting most my life. It was a bit of a push because of my anxiety. It is very hard for me to gain contacts even though my work very much speaks for itself. Now comes 2020 with Covid-19, which made me not only lose work I had at the start of it, but has made my anxiety a lot worse, and on top of that my emphysema is really bad now. And due to having almost no work this year, I’m currently hanging in as best as I can to a roof over my head. I am of course under the process of eviction. If I ever do end up in court, there is no doubt I will likely become homeless.

I have applied for all help I can get and am trying to work on applying for disability as not only is it harder to find work but I have a lot of trouble breathing depending how the air is outside. Conclusion to my story here is Covid has ruined my life career and outlook on life. Everything seems to be hopeless :(.

Chad Dole
Claremont, NH