Southern NH Medical Center abuses parental rights

I was at southern NH medical center in Nashua 12/7 for a long awaited specialist appointment for my 7 yr old with my wife when I was told only one parent could go to the appointment. I told them I thought they were overstepping and violating my parental rights. This was no tummy ache but a very serious appointment and I had every right and belonged in the appointment. We were all wearing masks and I would have been happy to follow whatever procedure necessary to make them happy. They, a woman named Tracy Bennett, said no again. So the screener at the door of the hospital has the power to interfere with parental rights and healthcare decisions.

I asked if I could speak to someone about the policy or speak to legal department. After a few minutes they told me someone was coming down to speak with me but due to covid policy I still had to wait outside. But they assured me that someone was coming to speak to me. I stood outside by the valet for about 4-5 minutes before a badged security guard handed me a phone number to a complaint line and told me if I didn’t leave hospital property they were calling the police. All while my wife and daughter were still in the hospital in the appointment not knowing that I was being trespassed.

I called the complaint line and the first question they asked me was why I wasn’t offered FaceTime as an option to virtually attend… I said I didn’t know. I wasn’t given the option or even a chance to speak with anyone. I was told I had to be outside and once outside I was told I had to leave the property completely or police would be called. I am looking for an attorney. We’ve received a new referral to Dartmouth and we will never be returning to Southern NH Medical Center. My wife and I do not feel safe with our children in their care.

Adam Savell
Hillsboro, NH