Our Elderly Have Been Forsaken: Where Is The Love?

My 95 year old mother is in a nursing home with multiple health issues that prevent me from taking care of her at home. She has not been hugged or even touched by any of her six children since the lock down began. She has diminished mental capacity and does not understand why we can’t visit or hug her. I am beginning to think she will die before I get to do so, and this is a tragedy. How many old folks are in the same situation being cared for by strangers? For that matter how many children are suffering from the upside down world we are living in? This Covid bio-weapon is truly tearing up our society as our so-called leaders force compliance. Who gave our governors the right to decree any mandate they choose? This tyranny will never end until We the People stand together and fight back.

Richard LeFebvre
Hancock, NH