One woman’s letter to the State Senate about the Covid-19 situation

I will not comply with the governor’s emergency orders. I was reported to the Attorney General’s office for not wearing a mask in my business while working on my clients, and subsequently harrassed by my local health officer in the city of Dover. This strange man was waiting for me, in my waiting area common at my place of business when I showed up to work. He was wearing a black mask which I found very threatening actually, and didn’t offer any credentials. Well holding his hand out in standing very close to me, he asked for my doctor’s note for not wearing a mask. In my opinion, he should have been arrested for trespassing and harassment. I got very upset and questioned the governors orders, stating there is NO state of emergency. I asked him to leave, and thankfully have not heard anything since. I do operate my business how I see fit, but it causes me some anxiety as to when they may show up again. I also do not wear a mask in any other capacity in my community. So far it hasnt been a problem, but the scowling eyes of my fellow citizens have gotten more intense since the state wide mandate.

Here’s a letter I sent to the representatives of our state:

Let me start this letter by stating that I don’t envy your position of being in charge in such challenging times. A lot has happened over the last few months and your decisions certainly have had a huge impact on virtually all the residents of New Hampshire. While I am not a medical professional, I am a practicing Licensed Massage Therapist, who runs a successful business in our great State. My need and my ability to safety and effectively, both breathe with, and communicate with my clients, is a much needed aspect of my services. I have always followed strict universal precautions as mandated and upheld by my license in New Hampshire. I can attest, as I’m sure 99.9 percent of my clients would happily also attest to, the cleanliness and professionalism of my practice.

With that said, some of the decisions and orders from the governor seem to be inconsistent, contrary to common sense and, at least from my point of view, not in alignment with the higher good of the people of New Hampshire. Since the decisions are clearly infringing on the individual rights of us as citizens of this state, I would like to stand up for my individual rights as much as possible.

The executive orders are forcing me to wear a mask in my place of business, where I am a sole proprietor, and there is simply no threat of large numbers of people coming in and out of my office space. It is also attempting to force me to wear a mask in certain other places as well as practice social distancing. I am willing to follow any lawful order and to do right by my fellow citizens, if necessary. However I fail to see the emergency of this situation, especially given the decline in deaths, not to mention all the science on the ineffectiveness of the testing.

Cases does not mean deaths. Lets get that straight and perhaps relay that message to our fine citizens instead of simply the fear tactics that are being used to manipulate people into being scared to death to leave their homes. Life comes with risks. Can we agree on that, at least? We all have the right as individuals to choose whether or not we want to take those risks. Besides, if other people are wearing a mask because of their individual fear, aren’t they automatically protected from those of us who choose not to? Well, not technically, because masks just are not effective to prevent or protect the spread of this virus with its 99.86 percent survival rate, but I think you get my point.

The CDC itself has just announced the proven number of deaths solely OF SarsCov2 is 9,600, nationwide. Do you possess this latest data? That is a far cry from the 2.2 million they predicted when all of this started. And 433 deaths “attributed” to COVID-19 in New Hampshire, out of a population of roughly 1.3 million people? And yes, you do have to take into consideration the whole population. I’m not condoning any death, Senator Morse, but let’s consider the fact that more people may die or have as a result of suicide, lack of medical care because of our “overburdened” hospitals, child and domestic abuse, and the list goes on.

In order to determine whether these orders are lawful and/or based on sound science I am asking you to provide the following information:

1. Where does the governor get the power over me, a living, breathing woman, to force me to wear a mask or keep my distance from other human beings? I am assuming the United States Constitution and The Universal Declaration of Human Rights are still in effect. Particularly Articles 1, 5, 7 and 23 (sect.1). If they are not still in effect, please explain why. If they are, please explain how the Constitution and the Declaration, confers this power to [the governor] and forces me to follow these past and future executive orders.

2. My understanding of executive orders is that they are meant to be used in an emergency situation where there is no time to follow proper procedures due to an acute crisis. It would seem to me that over nine months into the so-called pandemic there would have been ample opportunity to follow the normal legislative process and/or to have [the governor’s] executive orders sanctioned by the New Hampshire House and Senate, which have been democratically elected. Please explain why [the governor is] still using executive orders when there doesn’t seem to be an immediate danger.

3. What kind of information did the governor consider before he issued the order to wear a mask? Please send me the references to any and all scientific information on how the use of masks will prevent or slow down future infection rates. Please note that recommendations or orders from other people or agencies are not sufficient. Your job as a senator is to take care of the people. Abdicating responsibilities to somebody else does not work when you are the person in charge. As the saying goes: The buck stops with you.

4. How did the state assess that wearing a mask does not pose a significant health risk to at least some individuals? I have seen evidence that wearing a mask can be counterproductive because it is restricting airflow which can cause a reduction of blood oxygen levels. In addition, it may also increase CO2 concentrations as well as cause people to breathe in pathogens over and over.

Please send me any and all scientific information that you considered now that the state has mandated the use of masks in my profession and many others, necessarily.

5. Please send me any and all scientific documentation that [the governor] based [his] decision on to require us to practice social distancing.

6. Please send me information regarding how public health departments are getting their authority to force businesses to follow their health and hygiene mandates as well as requiring people to cooperate with contact tracing initiatives, unannounced home visits, mandatory testing or
quarantine orders.

Once I receive and review the above information, I will be happy to comply with your orders of wearing a mask and practice social distancing in public. Please note that if I do not receive the requested information within 30 days, I am under no obligation to follow [the governor’s] current executive orders of wearing masks and to practice social distancing in any of my private, professional or business events. Also, if you choose not to answer, I will be under no obligation to follow any future orders from [the governor’s] office regarding this so-called pandemic. Future orders may include unlawful documentation of my medical history to declare myself exempt from wearing a mask (as protected by HIPAA laws-which again to my understanding have been given some COVID19 flexibilties- IF THERE WAS AN EMERGENCY!) Cooperation with contact tracing inquiries or demands, required testing, suggested or forced quarantine orders by local health departments, forced vaccinations, or restrictions on travel. Be noticed as well that, should I not receive the above information in the next 30 days, you consent to being personally liable for any damage or harm that results to me or my family from any law enforcement action, public health department actions or forced vaccinations that are based on your executive orders.

If you need more than 30 days please send me a written notice as to how much additional time you require. As mentioned above, once I receive and review the information I will be happy to comply with your executive order.


Tina Carr
Dover, NH