New Job New Home

My husband accepted a new job earlier this year in Dover New Hampshire. We currently live in upstate NY and have been trying to move and relocate closer to his job location. We wanted to move to New England, as my mother is born & raised there and is currently living in Maine.

New Hampshire seems like it would fit our family dynamics more, and so we were thankful to God for this job and thankful that in the midst of a trialing year, a glimmer of hope to be reunited closer to family would be possible.

However, more and more restrictions have been coming down from governors in regards to travel and staying, which has virtually made it impossible for us to find and purchase a home.

While we are cautious people, the data after a year of navigating this outbreak of a virus has come forth.

We now know that more than 99% of people who are exposed to this virus will survive. We know that lockdown orders and mask mandates have created an increase in cases. We know that being outdoors in sunlight also has killed this virus. We know that despite a spike upward in cases in Sweden, a country that did not mandate masks or “stay-at-home” orders, they have had some of the lowest death rates in the entire world.

It is imperative that we look at all data and we make certain when making a choice that affects others, that we strive for what creates the most liberty and quality of life for the people around us.

Right now. My family is depressed and suffering. We have not been able to see my family for holidays, we have been barred from travel. We have been unable to find suitable housing.

While New Hampshire laws are not nearly as horrific as Maine, New York or Massachusetts, I pray that the governor will take a stronger stand in his state to protect liberty.

As citizens we know that freedoms come with responsibility. To enable the government to shoulder that responsibility instead of the citizen is truly the price of individual freedom, and we reject such notions as a family.

I feel like an Israelite in the desert. I know I am moving to New Hampshire, but I have no representation to write to to protect and voice my claim in my future promised home. Who can I turn to and beg that they stand up to tyrants and other states and make a loud stand?

Will Governor Sunuu be a history maker? Or will he succumb like many other Democratic leaders allowing the vision and passion of what our forefathers created when they founded this great nation?

Please…help us make it to our promised land. Help free the people of New Hampshire fully and let’s not slip and fall like so many other states around us.

Let’s be the example and be the change we wish to see!

Sandra MacGowan
Rochester, NY