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Petition to ban COVID passports


We, the People of New Hampshire, Demand NO VACCINE PASSPORTS

PETITION DEMANDING a ban on vaccine passports

To New Hampshire Representatives and Senators

Whereas, we the undersigned support the idea of individual liberty, which aligns with our state and federal constitutions, which protect the idea that all people are created equal and are afforded equal rights, which government is instituted to protect,

Whereas, we the undersigned reject the idea of utilitarianism, which values the amorphous “greater good” over the rights of the individual and in effect requires the rights of some to be violated to elevate the privileges of others,

Whereas, we the undersigned believe that every person has the natural, essential, and inherent right to bodily integrity, free from any threat or compulsion that the person accepts any medical intervention, including immunization,

Whereas, we the undersigned, defend the right of businesses to operate how they choose, but never to the extent that they infringe on the inherent rights of the people to make personal and private medical decisions without facing coercion, exclusion or discrimination,

Whereas, we the undersigned believe that every person ought to have the right to access public accommodations without the prospect of medical coercion, and that medical apartheid is a real concern that needs to be lawfully addressed,

Therefore, we the undersigned hereby ask our elected representatives and senators to protect the rights of the People, their constituents, by banning vaccine passports or any other coercive tool of private or public entities and by establishing in law the unequivocal right of the People to medical freedom.

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