Op-Ed: Is it time for Commissioner Shibinette to answer some questions?

UPDATE 11/2/2021: Commissioner Shibinette has provided “answers” to these questions. Please comment below.

By Andrew J. Manuse

As a political appointee, N.H. Department of Health and Human Services (DHHS) Director Lori Shibinette has been leading the state’s COVID-19 response by attempting to make herself appear credible while deflecting all criticism, and it’s time to start asking questions.

We’ve all heard about the number of cases, the number of deaths, the threat of overburdened hospitals, and even statistics separating male and female outcomes, but this type of information only gives the appearance of value. Good public health policy doesn’t only consider these metrics while neglecting others. The information’s only purpose, it seems, is to create the appearance of authority and thoughtfulness while manipulating the public into hysteria. The Department is ignoring data from peer-reviewed studies that counter their prevailing narrative, while seemingly ignorant that they are not presenting a full data set.

On Sept. 17 in a meeting with the legislative Fiscal Committee, Commissioner Shibinette said, “What we do know, when we look at our hospitalizations: that 90-plus percent of people that (sic) are hospitalized with serious illness are unvaccinated. That’s a fact.” How can Commissioner Shibinette present this undocumented data as fact when the Department has not required the complete and thorough collection of data?

In contrast to data available in Britain and Israel, which is highly regarded and granular, New Hampshire has not done due diligence to ensure its data is complete. Here are some questions the Department needs to answer to reveal the state’s blind spots to the public:

  • What written directives has DHHS issued that require all patients—both in-patient and out-patient—to be COVID tested and asked their vaccination status?
  • What written directives has DHHS issued advising that vaccinated and unvaccinated members of the public be COVID tested in the same manner?
  • What written directives has DHHS issued requiring hospitals to report the vaccination status and infection status of all patients?
  • Has DHHS mandated that all patients regardless of vaccination status be tested at the same cycle thresholds for COVID-19? 

Similarly, the Department hasn’t insisted on policies that will give a full picture of the risks of the COVID-19 vaccination. Here’s some more questions:

  • Is it possible that DHHS is improperly categorizing COVID-19 deaths considering that a CDC public statement as well as subsequent morbidity reports note that people are considered unvaccinated until 14 days after their second Pfizer or Moderna vaccine dose or 14 days after one dose of the Johnson and Johnson vaccine?
  • What guidance has DHHS issued to ensure that doctors and other healthcare workers can properly identify COVID-19 vaccine adverse reactions?
  • What directives has DHHS issued requiring hospitals to report COVID-19 vaccine adverse reactions to the federal VAERS database?

The unfortunate reality is we do not have the statewide data to support the Department’s myopic vaccination push, either. Meanwhile, DHHS continues to ignore the totality of public health. The vast majority of COVID-19 deaths are among those with chronic health conditions, those who are obese, and those who are Vitamin D deficient. Here’s some more questions:

  • What guidance has the Department provided to the public about good health measures such as diet, exercise, and vitamin supplementation, to avoid serious complications from COVID-19?
  • What percentage of COVID-19 outreach spending does the Department use to inform citizens about the importance of proactive vitamin intake—Vitamins C and D in particular—and maintaining a healthy Body Mass Index (BMI)? 

In addition, recent research makes it clear that early treatment of COVID-19 saves lives. What guidance has the Department released that encourages medical professionals to treat COVID-19 early and consider off-label treatments?

While the Department is failing to pull together meaningful data and provide good public health recommendations, the Commissioner is doing a great job trampling the rights of New Hampshire citizens by violating a new Constitutional provision that protects privacy and fanning the flames of discrimination against people who choose not to vaccinate. Here are some related questions: 

  • Are recipients of the COVID-19 vaccine tracked by the N.H. Immunization Information System or can they opt-out as required by law?
  • What does opt-out mean to the Department? Does opt-out mean that an individual is truly removed from the database or does it mean the person’s record is updated with an opt-out tag?
  • What written directives has DHHS issued to ensure that all COVID-19 vaccine administrators are offering citizens of New Hampshire the opportunity to opt-out of the vaccine registry?
  • Considering vaccinated individuals can contract and spread COVID-19, why is the Department discriminating against unvaccinated individuals, even recommending their segregation? 
  • Why is guidance from the Department to public schools recommending quarantine procedures only for the unvaccinated?

The gaps in state data makes me wonder whether the Department is simply serving as a conduit for top-down directives from our Centers for Disease Control overlords. If this is true, we’re seeing yet another area where the federal government is flexing its muscle and trying to erase New Hampshire state sovereignty. New Hampshire deserves better than a puppet state bureaucracy.

Andrew J. Manuse is chairman of RebuildNH, which is also known as ReopenNH, a grassroots group devoted to restoring the rule of law and rebuilding the economy.

20 thoughts on “Op-Ed: Is it time for Commissioner Shibinette to answer some questions?”

  1. How can the state depend on, and promote the accuracy of their data and statistics if they are using a proven faulty test, which produces false positive results, and which can not determine the difference between the flu and COVID (never mind the different variants: delta, lambda, mu, etc.)?
    If the tests they are currently using are supposed to be accurate, why are they coming out with a replacement test in December?
    Isn’t it possible that an unvaccinated person can be infected by a vaccinated person? If so, isn’t it possible that this may be why the state has seen a rise in unvaccinated cases now that so many people have been vaccinated?

  2. Why are Congress and their staffers and US Postal workers exempt from the vaccine mandate while the same federal government is trying to force the residents of NH to be vaccinated?
    What makes it acceptable for NH residents to be forced to be added to a database indicating who is and who is not vaccinated when the Congress, their staff, and US Postal employees are not required to do the same thing?
    Why aren’t the CDC or FDA employees required to be vaccinated?

  3. Excellent letter, Andrew. Thank you for continuing to hold on to this and for sticking up for all of us. Your work and efforts are appreciated.

    All your questions are ones that are convenient for the powers-that-be to ignore, avoid, and dismiss. Avoid the truly essential issues and keep parroting the narrative.

    I sometimes am in total disbelief at what is happening. It hardly seems possible it can be real. But it IS real, and our oppressors are VERY SERIOUS about pushing this as far as they can. Unbelievable …

    Thank you for what you’re doing and for making it easier for those of us “outside the loop” of all the shenanigans to keep up with what’s going on.

  4. The residents of NH, along with everybody else, are protected by the Nuremberg Code; therefore, we should not be subjected to anything that the council members or the governor or the federal government are attempting to force upon us.

  5. We live in a lawless country. The vaccine that was approved is commurnity and doesn’t even exist in the USA. Not even one dose. (spelling) If you read the FDA approval, yes the entire document you’ll see the name.

  6. “Nebraska Attorney General Doug Peterson has said that he will not discipline or prosecute physicians who prescribe controversial, off-label drugs in order to treat and prevent COVID-19 infections if they have patient consent.”
    AG released his 48 page opinion on Friday, 10/15. This opened up options for physicians to be able to prescribe medications like Ivermectin and Hydroxychloroquine to fight COVID.

    If this has been approved in Nebraska, shouldn’t we also have the same options here in the Live Free state of NH?

    With the above options, this would eliminate the need for a vaccine database / registry or any additional $$$ from the federal government to push the vaccine.

    I would recommend that we approach this new angle and work diligently toward receiving the same approval in NH. For the above reasons, as well as to provide all NH residents with the right to choose how they wish to be treated if they get COVID as we should be able to do.

  7. DHHS and the CDC cannot have it both ways. On one hand, with all other previous vaccines, they claim that you are only injecting a “little” bit of the disease to prompt your immune system to develop antibodies. FYI – the manufacturers list the side effects for each vaccine as those that match the illness for which you are vaccinating against. Don’t believe me? Google “Vaccine Package Insert” to read them yourself.

    Yet, somebody decided along the line that you are not protected until 15 days after you are vaccinated? Where is the science? Show me the proof that this is true! So, if you get a COVID shot, test positive for COVID immediately afterward, but within those 14 days post “vaccination” – you mean to tell me that it is because the shot is not effective until day 15?

    Also, if we still cannot guarantee that blood used for transfusions is free of AIDS, Hepatitis A/B, and AIDS – why on earth are we to believe you that vaccines (that are also made from blood/DNA of animals and other humans) are free of disease as well? My husband had to have back surgery in 2009 and Concord Hospital wanted him to sign a form that if he needed a transfusion during his surgery and he caught one of those diseases from the blood, he would not sue them. He refused to sign it.

    So, please DHHS and CDC – answer my questions?

  8. Based upon the VAERS reported adverse reactions and the COVID19.nh.gov reported deaths in NH, there have been approximately twice as many adverse reactions (3013) to the vaccine than covid related deaths (1532) in NH.

    The above numbers should support the request to allow alternative treatments for Covid in NH, now that the precedent has been set in Nebraska.

  9. As a follow up to Dawn’s comment, why should anyone have to wait 14 days to be protected, when there are alternative treatments, which can treat Covid within a few days of contracting it?

  10. In my opinion they can’t/won’t answer because if they answer truthfully, their fraud would be exposed. Their spin isn’t working either, so they remain silent. Even with the editorial quackery being posted in the Sun is now exposed as lies. Their entire charade is falling apart.

    Thank you for all you’re doing.

  11. The following is an email exchange between DHHS Commissioner Lori Shibinette and RebuildNH Chairman Andrew J. Manuse. Please analyze the information here and leave your comments and evidence as comments in the thread.

    Commissioner Shibinette:

    Please note that we have added a question to the list that I think is probably the most important of them all; namely,
    Is it possible that DHHS is improperly categorizing COVID-19 deaths considering that a CDC public statement as well as subsequent morbidity reports note that people are considered unvaccinated until 14 days after their second Pfizer or Moderna vaccine dose or 14 days after one dose of the Johnson and Johnson vaccine?

    Thank you,

    Hon. Andrew J. Manuse
    P.O. Box 7, E. Derry, NH 03041

    Are you asking generally about covid deaths or about covid deaths associated with a breakthrough infection?

    Lori Shibinette RN, MBA, NHA
    Commissioner of
    Department of Health and Human Services
    129 Pleasant St.
    Concord NH 03301

    To be clear: My question is related to the idea that deaths are being categorized as COVID-19 when they could be the result of the vaccine themselves. The question is attempting to ascertain the possibility of this error.
    Thank you,

    NH DHHS classifies deaths as COVID-19 related when a person tests positive for COVID-19 and has COVID-19 listed as a direct or contributing cause of death on a person’s death certificate. To state this another way… for a death to be counted as COVID-19 related it requires both laboratory confirmation that a person had a recent/active infection with the COVID-19 virus, and a clinical assessment of the person’s cause of death, which is conducted by a pronouncing healthcare provider. It is NOT true that deaths are categorized as COVID-19 related when really they’re due to vaccination because vaccination does NOT cause a person to test positive for infection with the novel coronavirus.

    Additionally, each person that dies after receiving a COVID-19 vaccine is required to be reported into the national VAERS surveillance system for further investigation, even if that death is not related to vaccination. To date, out of more than 410 million COVID-19 vaccines that have been administered nationally, we’re only aware of 5 deaths related to COVID-19 vaccination that have occurred across the U.S., all occurring in people who got the Janssen vaccine and then developed thrombosis and thrombocytopenia syndrome (TTS).

    Lori Shibinette RN, MBA, NHA
    Commissioner of
    Department of Health and Human Services
    129 Pleasant St.
    Concord NH 03301

  12. 1)Will Commissioner Shibinette do a public debate over Covid and experimental injections to better inform the Granite Staters?
    2)Where is the isolated virus ? Experts say that there’s only a lab made virus.
    3)Why is the PCR test still used for Covid ? The late Kary Mullis, inventor of the PCR said that it doesn’t tell if someone is sick or not.
    4) Why are doctors not allowed to prescribe hydroxychloroquine and Ivermectin? They saved thousands of lives worldwide.
    5) What are the ingredients in these experimental mRNA injections ?
    6) Why are thousands of people dying or having serious adverse reactions after getting vaccinated including teenagers and young adults?
    7) Why do kids need to get vaccinated when they’re at low risk for Covid ?
    8) Do people get informed consent ?

  13. Is medical practice in hospitals being constrained by cdc and fda guidelines, by order of the state? Is it because of contractual restraints in accepting government (either or both national money or NH money)? Is this how expensive medical malpractice has been occurring? See also cdc/fda frauds: https://standforhealthfreedom.com/wp-content/uploads/2021/09/Exhibit-A-Formal-Grand-Jury-Petition-Synopsis.pdf?fbclid=IwAR2mA8C0uR52g3hi1cBBS0-QGvSnzeSjJJ-m6MRfwYj6Ulq0RuVt9tv0XrY


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