RebuildNH was born in April of 2020 as ReopenNH, a grassroots movement of citizens who opposed the COVID tyranny of lockdowns, unconstitutional executive overreach, church and school closures, and mask mandates, then later the corruption of science, vaccine mandates, and all manner of infringements on health and personal freedom.

We continue this work through close monitoring of legislative and executive departments, exposing threats and advancing opportunities in the areas of medical freedom and privacy, religious freedom, parental rights and school choice, property protections, state sovereignty, and appropriate scope and use of government power.

Purpose Statement

RebuildNH seeks to:

  • Advance legislation that safeguards the personal, religious, and economic liberty of all New Hampshire residents.
  • Uphold the Constitutional Republic form of government for the State of New Hampshire, as embodied in the New Hampshire Constitution.
  • Promote the rule of law as the fundamental principal governing a free society.

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