Small Business Owner lost all clients

I am the owner of McCartney Bookkeeping,, and I have had all of my clients cancel contracts with me due to this shutdown.

They have all had to temporarily shut down their own businesses and thus, could not afford to continue paying their bills. Because of this, all the time and money I spent building up my business over the past 5 months has gone to nothing. I can only hope these businesses will be able to resume normal activities after the stay at home order has been lifted, but I highly doubt it. It will be a long time before I will see my business moving in a positive direction again and until then, I will have to continue paying to keep my business up and running.

I did this as a way to bring in extra money while still continuing to raise my 17 month old daughter. It was to help my family achieve financial independence, save for her future, and be able to have more children and achieve our dreams. The American Dream is not attainable if Americans are not allowed to pursue their dream.

Michelle McCartney
Concord, NH

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