Reopening Salon May 4

I have a salon in New London New Hampshire that needs to open ASAP.

I took a week to process the shut down of my business and then after that week I went right back into the salon and prepared for the safety of my staff and my clients never did I think my salon would be closed for this long.

It’s a disgrace the beauty industry is one of the most regulated industries but unfortunately a lot of times it’s not enforced. The state board needs to lock down on these renters these are just hairdressers having a hobby I have a career that I’m very passionate about I will be opening my doors May 4 whether the stay at home is lifted or not I cannot afford to lose my business.

I will Not leave my livelihood in the hands of anyone but myself. God helps those who help themselves and that’s what I’m doing.

Mary Rivard
New London , NH

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