My mom is dying

My mother was admitted to Elliot Hospital last week. She has dementia, low blood pressure, possible lung cancer, and diabetes. She does not have COVID-19. And neither do I. I have been unable to see her in the hospital. I rarely get to talk to her on the phone because she is sedated. They are denying that she is. I am not only her son. I am also her health care proxy and power of attorney. Even so, Elliot Hospital is denying my entry to see my own mother due to a virus that neither of us have.

I contacted Gov. Sununu’s office and they told me that they have no authority to gain me access because the hospital is privately owned. So my access has to come from the hospital itself. Due to Gov. Sununu’s recommendations and the fear mongering of the media; my mother is slowly dying in the hospital and I have no idea how she is doing. She listens to me. She won’t listen to the nurses and doctors. She’s not eating. She would listen to me if I was there. I would feed her.

I feel powerless that I can’t see my own mother who I love dearly and who needs me by her side.

This isn’t just affecting me. This is affecting everyone like me who can’t see their loved ones.

This is murder by the government and the hospitals.

Brian Harris
Manchester , NH