Hospitalized and kept from family

I am one of the “lucky” people who has to be hospitalized for pregnancy during Covid long-term. While I have been here, I am missing my very young children terribly, who are not allowed to visit. I had been told I could go outside of the hospital for fresh air, but that I couldn’t have my children come by OUTSIDE to say “hi” to me while I was out.  Yet, the same day, the hospital allowed a restaurant to set up camp on its property to make and serve food to employees all day. That completely violates the “no visitors” policy.

If the restaurant staff on the property are not considered a hazard, then my children should not be either with the same precautions. I can say first hand how very damaging this is on my stress levels and mental health. I cannot think of anything worse.

None of us want to see anyone sick, but we don’t want to see people depressed, unemployed, suicidal, or homeless either. This is personally causing me depression during an already difficult time in my life. With extra sanitation measures now that we have a whole lot more knowledge, we should be trying to lessen these restrictions and open things back up.

Angela Doherty
Weare, NH